Table Mats and Napkin Sets (4 of each)/Mantelitos con servillettas :

19" x 14"



Mexican shawls /Rebozos

 Large (72" x 30")

 Medium (72" x 20")

 Small (72" x 10") (can use as scarf or belt)

 Extra Small ("72 x 5") (makes a great sash or scarf)




 (92" x 60")





Ministers' Stoles/Estolas

60" x 6"



Tablecloth/Altar Cloth/Bedspread/Manteles

116"x 60"

86" x 58"

56" x 58"




 Our Lady tote bag

 Large (with flap 14" x 15" - with pockets inside and fringe bottom 12" x 12"

 Large bag with no fringe

 Medium (10" x 8")
 Small (7" x 6")
















Guadalupe Wall Hanging

24" X 15"

Guadalupe Tablerunner/Centro de mesa

54"x 14"







8" x 2"




110"x 60"



Baby blankets, sweaters, booties, baptismal dresses.

Hand crocheted - individually priced



Christmas ornaments: Angels, Bells and Chiles 

Christmas table place mats 

Christmas table cloth 



Mexican Prayer Flags. Based on the idea of the Tibetan Prayer Flag these banners are made with the prayers of the women for peace in all the corners of our world.



Tortilla Warmer: Keep your tortillas warm as you serve the meal.



Cell phone holder: This little zippered bag makes a convenient holder for your cell phone. It won't get lost while around your neck.



Agenda--comes with note pads, pen and to-do list. Velcro closures.




Purses with three pockets, approximately 9" on each side. These fasten with velcro and are decorated with buttons.



Dolls made from felt and dressed in Mexican style clothes. You can choose from the boy or the girl or buy a pair. 

These come in two different sizes.

11" dollsl

9" dollsl


We can make items not shown in this list, such as curtains, altar cloths, hangings for churches, tablecloths of different sizes. Please contact us with your specifications. Prices depend on cost of material and labor involved.