Passing the Torch of Leadership

As the Center continues to grow and develop we have seen the need to let the leadership pass from Dominican Sisters from the US to Mexican women. Our educational programs need to be directed by people who have degrees earned in Mexico and who are thoroughly familiar with the Mexican system of education, both pre-school and primary, and who understand the current reforms that the government has put in place. The Center also needs leadership who can look for sources of funding in Juarez and in the State of Chihuahua to augment the sources we already have in the United States.

When the women return to work in August after their much deserved summer vacation Sister Rene Weeks will no longer be the director. The new director will be Rosa Elida Villela Hernandez. Rosa has lived in Juarez since she was sixteen. She has many years of experience working with groups of women and youth in settings like ours.

Rosa Elida

Paty Rios, who has degrees in both pre-school and primary education, will be the director of the kindergarten and the resource person for the tutoring program.

The Board of Directors in El Paso will continue its oversight of the Center and the grants and donations we receive from the US.

Sister Maureen Gallagher, OP, will still be the marketing coordinator for the sewing cooperative. She will have the assistance of Sister Fran Hicks, a Franciscan sister who has lived in El Paso for many years and is bilingual.

We hope that these changes will benefit the women and children at the Center and enable it to continue long into the future with the grace of our good and loving God!