Every Day a Day of Friendship

The day has many names--Saint Valentine's Day, the Day of Love, the Day of Friendship. Whatever name you prefer, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could celebrate love and friendship every day instead of just once a year? That is exactly what we try to do at Centro Santa Catalina--make every day a celebration of community and friendship.

The children in the tutoring program left their studies aside on February 14th and enjoyed time for friends, food and fun.

What does it take to enjoy a good meal? Not much--some beans, a little rice, the ever-present corn tortillas and maybe potatoes with a little chicken or pork in a red chili sauce. The mothers of the children each contributed what they could for the feast, and as so often happens, there was enough for everyone with plenty for seconds. First we prayed together and blessed the food and those who provided it, then it was time to enjoy.


After the meal we played all sorts of games--sack races, relays, challenges of various kinds--with prizes for everyone! 

This coming week we will return to studies--with our friends!