Beginning Holy Week

We begin the holiest week of the year for Christianity--and we wish all of you blessings and grace!

As is our tradition on Saturday the children of the tutoring program led the community in the walk called the Way of the Cross. Children dressed in costume to represent the Roman soldiers, Pontius Pilate, the women who encountered Jesus on his way to die, Mary and, of course, Jesus himself.


Each class memorized the dialogue that accompanied one of the fourteen stations along the way and led us in the prayers and songs.

The day, as usual at this time of year, was windy, sunny and moderately warm. At times the dust enveloped us in whirls of gritty motion. Many families from the colonia joined in the walk.

At the end of our time of prayer we wished each other a happy and peaceful vacation time--until we come back to the Center on April 8th.