Economically poor women in Juarez, Mexico have formed a sewing co-op in order to earn money to support their children.

Most live in hand made shacks, mostly made out of cinder blocks, built on the city’s former garbage dump. These homes have nothing but love. There are no indoor water, electricity, or city services. This “colonia” just recently became a part of the city, named Colonia Panfilo Natera.

All of the residents have come from rural areas trying to get a job in the big city. They could not survive in their poor villages.

The cooperative is the only source of funds for these women. It also serves as a place where they can get support from one another and form a bond of friendship.

Their sewing skills are excellent. They ask for your help, not through pity or a hand out,  but in purchasing their professional quallity hand made  products. The money raised is shared equally among every women in the co-op. Some money is set aside for materials as needed.

Cooperativa Las Mujeres De Esperanza Y Fe

In “La Lucha” with Jesus and women of our world, we the women of Las Mujeres de Esperanza Fe are a faith based community voicing our dreams and goals in community decision making and working together for spiritual development, economic empowerment and self-determination.